Production and marketing

The Architect, animated movie, 2013. 28 minutes
This animated silent movie is made from an original script by Marc Bauer and also painted by him. The music is specially composed and performed by the French band Kafka.

The animation movie is painted on Plexiglas plates with black oil paint. Around 700 plates were painted on a light box, each plates was photographed between 25 to 120 times with small changes made mainly by the use of dry brushes directly on the fresh painted plates. The last scene of the movie, epilogue, is computer animated, digital composited and in color. It was produced by an animation studio in Berlin according to the directions of Marc Bauer.

The movie starts with quotes from the film Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens (1922) by F. W. Murnau. It then moves to Berlin 1922 where, at the premiere of Nosferatu, a boy frightened of the images, in a state of terror, has a vision about his future. The boy and his alter ego experience the Second World War and its consequences. The epilogue shows F.W. Murnau in 1931, driving away from Hollywood, crashing his car on the way to Santa Barbara. Just before crash, Murnau too, has a vision about the future. He sees WWII precisely how it happened. The vision of the boy is a poetic version of the events, Murnau’s vision, although in the colorful ’New World’, is the dark reality of what happened.